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Route Caterings Polaroids

Welcome to Route Catering, where every flavour is a journey! We're located in the heart of vibrant London, having started our journey in a small café in Hackney. Since then, we've grown to become a notable name in corporate and contract catering, renowned for our unique blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern twists on all time favourite meals, adhering to London's dynamic food scene.

Our contract catering is made easy by creating bespoke pre-packed foods tailored to our clients' preferences, allowing us to work with current eateries including Gentlemen Baristas, Blank Street & Change Please.

We take pride in crafting seasonal fresh salads, hosting delightful office pop-ups, and orchestrating memorable catering experiences for weddings with over 1000 attendees. We've had the privilege to serve companies like Nike, Salesforce, Amazon, and Google, earning us the highest rating on the Just Eat for Business platform in the UK. So dive into a world where flavours know no bounds, and every dish is a journey - Welcome to Route Catering!

What we offer

Polaroid framed image titled 'Our Story' from Route Catering, capturing a warm moment between the founders in front of their café, with their dedicated team smiling in the background. This image conveys the company's journey from a humble beginning to becoming a cherished part of London's catering scene
Polaroid image highlighting 'Corporate Catering' by Route Catering, featuring gourmet pre-packed meals including savory stuffed pita pockets and a tray of delectable sweet potato topped with fresh herbs and chickpea sauce with tahini drizzle, ready for delivery at a corporate function, reflecting Route's commitment to diverse and delicious office dining options
 Polaroid-style image from Route Catering titled 'Weddings', showcasing a marble table set with an exquisite array of wedding catering dishes. The spread includes a variety of vibrant and elegantly plated Mediterranean and Middle Eastern specialties, thoughtfully arranged to add a touch of luxury to a wedding reception.
Polaroid snapshot for 'Events' by Route Catering, depicting a chef on a boat on the River Thames with the London Eye in the background, preparing colorful Mediterranean vegetable skewers on a grill, highlighting Route's unique event catering services on London's iconic River Thames.
Polaroid-style image from a lively festival scene captured by Route Catering, showcasing a group of joyful attendees at a shaded picnic table, enjoying the vibrant festival atmosphere. The word 'Festivals' prominently displayed, signifies Route Catering's presence and catering expertise at such energetic outdoor events
Polaroid-style image titled 'Pop-Ups' displaying Route Catering's vibrant and abundant fruit stand and pastry selection at an office event. The spread includes artistically stacked watermelons, an array of fresh berries, tropical fruits, and a variety of freshly baked pastries, capturing the essence of Route's corporate catering expertise
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