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Contract Catering

Boost your cafe or eatery with our bespoke contract catering. From daily specials to signature dishes, we provide mouth-watering meals that keep your customers coming back.

We seamlessly blend into your operations, ensuring peace of mind. Let our team handle the food, so you can focus on your business!

Assorted prepacked gourmet sandwiches and salads by Route Catering for contract catering services

The menus in contract catering are often customised to the client's preferences and needs. This could involve considering dietary restrictions, preferences, and budget constraints, which ultimately avoids menu fatigue !

Bespoke Menus

Contract catering involves providing regular meal services to organisations under a short to long-term agreement. Large chains, educational institutions, cafe's and attractions like museums and sports venues commonly employ contract caterers.

What Is Contract Catering?

Unlike one-off event catering, contract catering involves providing food services on a regular, often scheduled basis. This could be daily lunches for a corporate office, weekly meals for a school, or sandwich supply to a cafe.

Regular Service

Opting for contract catering means you can forgo the need for an in-house kitchen and dedicated staff. It’s a cost-effective approach that simplifies budgeting and reduces overhead costs. We handle all aspects of the catering process, from meal planning and preparation to delivery and service.

Cost-Effective Budgeting

Beyond traditional settings, contract catering also involves services like white labeling products for supermarkets and cafes.


These products can be pre-packed sandwiches to artisan cakes and freshly squeezed orange juice, all with your own branding and assets. This works perfectly for those who prefer not to manage chefs and kitchen operations; leading to the next benefit...

White Labeling