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Dojo's: Mediterranean Burrito Pop-Up 🌯 (Corporate Catering)

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

This week at Route Catering, we've been busy stirring up more than just our usual magic.🌟 Our latest adventure took us to the headquarters of Dojo, a company celebrated for its innovative card processing machines. Our mission? To deliver a Mediterranean-themed burrito pop-up for their hardworking staff.

🏢 Dojo: A Blend of Technology and Vibrant Culture 🎉

And what an exhilarating experience it was! Dojo isn’t just known for its technological prowess; it's also acclaimed for its vibrant workplace culture, having bagged numerous awards for 'Best Workplace' 🏆. Stepping into their space, we were immediately struck by the energy and enthusiasm that pervaded their offices. It was clear that we were in for a fun and fulfilling day.

🍽️ The Star Attraction: Mediterranean Burritos 🌯

As we set up our pop-up, the anticipation was palpable. Mediterranean burritos were the stars of the show – a fusion of traditional ingredients wrapped in a novel concept. Each burrito was a handcrafted delight that promised a taste of the Mediterranean.

The response was nothing short of amazing. We watched as staff members' faces lit up with each bite, savoring the blend of spices and flavors. It was more than just a meal; it was a moment of joy, a break from the daily grind that reignited their energy.

Interested in adding a dash of excitement to your office? Click to view our Pop-up Options and let the culinary adventure begin! 🎉🍴