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Feeding Our Heroes: How Route Catering Supported NHS Workers During Covid-19

A Milestone of Support: Over 1000 Meals for NHS Heroes

NHS staff members with thumbs up beside a cart of boxed meals provided by Route Catering

In the midst of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Route Catering found itself at the heart of a significant endeavor – serving those who served us. With immense pride and a deep sense of responsibility, we embarked on a mission that was both challenging and fulfilling: providing over a thousand meals to the valiant workers of the NHS. This effort was not just about food; it was a token of gratitude to our healthcare heroes who were tirelessly battling on the front lines.

Spotlight on BBC: Sharing Our Story

Our commitment and efforts caught the attention of the BBC, giving us an

opportunity to share our story with a wider audience.

Appearing on the BBC was a moment of great honor and validation for our team. It was a chance to showcase how the catering industry, often behind the scenes, played a pivotal role in supporting the community during such critical times.

NHS staff member with thumbs up beside a cart of boxed meals provided by Route Catering

Staying Afloat, Nourishing the Frontline

The pandemic posed numerous challenges for businesses, and like many, Route Catering faced its share of hurdles. However, the task of providing meals for NHS workers gave us more than just a business lifeline; it allowed us to contribute meaningfully in a time of crisis. By feeding our frontline workers, we were not only keeping our operations afloat but also ensuring that those on the frontline were well-nourished and ready to face their demanding roles.

Keeping Spirits High

But more than keeping us afloat during the crisis, these efforts fed our own souls. Knowing that each burrito or homemade pie might bring a moment of comfort to those fighting tirelessly against COVID-19 was all the motivation we needed.

And now, as we continue our services, from corporate catering to special event pop-ups, we carry the lessons of those days with us. We learned that food can be more than sustenance; it can be a symbol of hope, a token of appreciation, and a tangible representation of community support.

As we look back on this chapter, we at Route Catering are filled with pride and gratitude – for the opportunity to serve, for the resilience we witnessed, and for every healthcare worker who continues to inspire us.

Visit us to learn more about our journey, our services, and how we can bring our passion for food to your next event. Because when we eat together, we grow stronger together.