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Route Catering at El Dorado Festival: A Flavorful Encore

Festival-goers enjoy music at El Dorado's lakeside stage with bold 'EL DORADO' letters in front

At Route Catering, we're thrilled to have been part of the El Dorado Festival in Ledbury for two consecutive years, making it a flavorful encore of festival moments. Our dedication to enhancing your festival experience through delicious food has been a highlight of this vibrant event.

Crew Fuel: Catering for the Builders

El Dorado Festival owes its success not only to the incredible music and attendees but also to the dedicated crews who work tirelessly behind the scenes. At Route Catering, we understand the vital role these unsung heroes play, and that's why we were on-site two weeks before the festival began and one week after it ended to ensure the crew was well-fed and ready to keep the rhythm alive. Our catering service provided them with hearty breakfasts, wholesome lunches, and satisfying dinners, ensuring they had the sustenance they needed throughout the festival's entire duration.

Classic Café Route Breakfast

For festival-goers seeking a sit-down breakfast experience, our classic Café Route breakfast is a must-try. Set under a massive tent, it's a morning treat that's in high demand. With advance reservations, we serve a mouthwatering breakfast spread to satisfy every palate, featuring signature dishes such as the "Hangover Breakfast," "Beetroute Royal," and "Turkish Eggs - Cilbir." From fluffy pancakes to savory omelets, freshly brewed coffee to freshly squeezed juices, we've got your breakfast cravings covered.

Late-Night Delights: Route Doner Stand

As the festival continues into the night, hunger strikes, and that's where our Route Doner Stand shines. Open till 3 AM, it's your go-to spot for doner kebabs and falafels.

Whether you're craving the savory goodness of a doner kebab or the irresistible flavors of falafel, we're here to satisfy your late-night cravings.

To sum up Route Catering is your festival food partner, ensuring that you savor every moment. From fueling the hardworking crews to offering a classic breakfast experience and serving late-night delights, we're committed to delivering high-quality, delicious food.